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Data description:
This set of data contains the polarimetric profiles obtained during the first five month of the ROHP-PAZ experiment. The data were used to generate the studies in Cardellach et al., 2019.

Each file corresponds to one polarimetric radio occultation, where the main observable is the phase delay between the horizontally polarized received signal and the vertically polarized one. These delays are obtained from the L1 frequency signals and they are given in millimetres, after preliminary calibration. The calibration process is described in Cardellach et al., 2019, and the main step is the alignment of the signals above the typical precipitation altitudes to zero values. The profiles are given as time series of the polarimetric observations (phi_h - phi_v), and time series of the altitude of the ray's tangent point above the mean sea level. Geo-location and time stamps can be found in the metadata, together with other relevant information.

Data citation:
Further details can be found in

E. Cardellach S. Oliveras A. Rius S. Tomás C. O. Ao G. W. Franklin B. A. Iijima D. Kuang T. K. Meehan R. Padullés M. de la Torre Juarez F. Joe Turk D. Hunt W. S. Schreiner S. V. Sokolovskiy T. Van Hove J. P. Weiss Y. Yoon Z. Zeng J. Clapp W. Xia-Serafino and F. Cerezo, Sensing heavy precipitation with GNSS polarimetric radio occultations, Geophys. Res. Lett.,

See the bibliography for additional bibilographic resources.

These files were processed at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and analyzed at Institute of Space Sciences (ICE, IEEC/CSIC) and JPL.

Data file: ROHP-PAZ_GRL2019_data.tgz