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Data description: polPhs observables (level-1)

The set of data released in April 2020, and regularly updated with profiles acquired afterwards, consists of level-1 (observables) extracted from the ROHP-PAZ experiment.

The distinctive observable is the polarimetric phase shift (or phase delay) between the horizontally and vertically polarized signal components of the GNSS radio-link received through the limb-oriented antenna aboard the PAZ Low Earth Orbiter.

The observables have been corrected for any remaining cycle slips ('corrected polarimetric phase shift'). They have also been calibrated to remove any residual systematic effect: mosty the receiving system (e.g. antenna pattern) and the ionosphere. The latter observables are called hereafter 'calibrated polarimetric phase shift'. We provide the observables obtained from the L1 frequency signals, and they are given in millimetres of delay. Geo-location and time stamps can be found in the metadata, together with other relevant information.

A User Guide can be found here. It includes data access information, data format especification and other relevant information.

To access the data, please visit the data Access site.

GRL 2019 data set:

In addition, below you can find the link to the set of data used to generate the studies in Cardellach et al., 2019 [doi: 10.1029/2018GL080412]. This set was limited to the first 5 months of data. The file format does NOT correspond to the Level-1 data presented above (polPhs files).

Data file: ROHP-PAZ_GRL2019_data.tgz