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PAZ Polarimetric RO User Wokshop: April 23 --> going 'virtual'

PAZ GNSS-PRO User Prospect Workshop ONLINE
PAZ GNSS-PRO User Prospect Workshop ONLINE

Due to the current Covid-19 situation in Spain and other European countries, the first PAZ user workshop has changed its format:

- The workshop will be entirely on-line, to avoid people traveling and gathering together;

- It will be shorten to a few hours only, given that it is more difficult to follow and be concentrated during long hours in tele/video-conferences;

- The schedule is shifted to Europe-afternoon / USA-morning, to maximize the number of remote attendants. A tentative agenda is given below:


EU-CET:     USA-East     USA-West     Agenda:
15:00     09:00 (AM)     06:00 (AM)     Tutorial on polarimetric RO (PRO):

                                                                     undertanding the data, their advantages

                                                                     and limitations
16:00     10:00 (AM)     07:00 (AM)     Examples of applications/science studies

                                                                     based on PAZ satellite PRO measurements
16:45     10:45 (AM)     07:45 (AM)     Break
17:00     11:00 (AM)     08:00 (AM)     Boosting collaborations: possible activities

                                                                     towards new uses of the data, studies, products...
18:00     noon                09:00 (AM)     End of workshop